Since Earth Day is right around the corner on April 22, 2014, I wanted to make some cool looking Earth Day Macarons. What I like about this macaron recipe is that the marble swirl is so pretty. When you look at the macarons, it looks like you are staring down at Earth...from space.

What are some ways you preserve the Earth? I recycle and donate items, drink water from a stainless steel bottle instead of from disposable bottles and compost foods. I hope that you will enjoy this recipe!

Please watch the video on YouTube titled, "Earth Day Macarons" to learn how to make them. :)


Do you like pandas? I definitely think they are cute, especially baby pandas.
I made Panda Macarons to share with others and hopefully brighten their day.

Panda Macarons - Macaron Heaven

When I gave some of these adorable treats to my colleagues, they said, "It's too cute to eat". Haha...funny.

To learn how to make them, please watch the video titled "Panda Macarons". Enjoy! ^_^