The Fault in Our Stars movie was released in theaters about a month ago and it is based on a novel written by John Green. I didn't read the novel yet (don't plan on time). However, I saw the movie and it was so sad! It really puts things in perspective, such as enjoying life as it is, and not worrying about the past or tomorrow.  

Fault In Our Stars Cookies

I made some cookies based off of that movie and didn't have time to write a post about it until now. The cookies actually resemble the cover of the book. Very adorable depiction of words, don't you agree? To learn how to make them, please watch this video and enjoy!

MINECRAFT SLIME JELLO Minecraft Slime Jello isn't exactly a recipe nor is it healthy. However, it's super easy to make and quite fun to eat! Plus, if you're a fan of Minecraft or knows someone that plays it, then they might like these adorable goodies. 

To watch a short 1-minute video on how to make them, please watch here: Have fun!

Minecraft Slime Jello


There is something about the video game, Minecraft. It's quite time-consuming and yet very relaxing (especially if playing in the creative mode). Well...I guess it isn't that relaxing if you're being chased by creepers or zombies, haha! 

Here is a simple video on how to make Minecraft creeper cookies: Enjoy!

Minecraft Cookies | Creepers